Director's Column


Dear Colleagues

19 February 2017! It looks like yesterday but it's one year! 365 Days!  I wanted to take stock of what has happened in this last one year ever since I have assumed office. But one things is sure "miles to go before I can take leave." 

Transfer of some milestone technologies including waterless chrome tanning, dry tanning, bio glue, Hi grade collagen  for wound healing, Chrome-Melamine syntan and many more has put CLRI into next level. Recently concluded 34th IULTCS  has been acclaimed one of the best ever conducted seminar. My heartiest congratulations to team-CLRI for making this happen. 

I am looking forward to more rewarding outcomes in the coming days. I am able to see that industry is looking forward to CLRI to deliver towards sustainability of the sector. Kanpur sector will be our focus along with other regions as well. This is the golden opportunity for everyone of us to rise to the occasion and prove our mettle. We need to plan ahead to improve our productivity and deliverables. 

CSIR has drawn clear mandates for all of us. Social and industry relevance are the order of the day. I shall soon convene meeting of all the area leaders. I am expecting a business plan for the next two years from every area where I expect defined deliverables for every one in the group. Performance appraisal would be purely based on those deliverables. 

While R&D remains our major priority, infrastructure development also gain significance. It is imperative that our campus and all the facilities are given a facelift to match International standards. Coming April, we will be entering into 70th year of our establishment. There is a strong need to strengthen our RECDs also to meet the growing demands of the sector. 

Every group, Admin and Scientific, need to work together for realising the organisational goals. Let's join hands to make CLRI as No. 1 laboratory of CSIR. 


B. Chandrasekaran