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Dr T Ramasami receives the Padma Sri
Dr KJ Sreeram receiving the CSIR Young Scientist Award

Dr V Subramanian receiving the CRSI Young Scientist Award
Dr BU Nair receiving the CRSI Bronze medal

Dr J Raghava Rao receiving the IGPP award
Dr M Kanthimathi receiving the NRDC award

Dr Aruna Dhathathreyan receives the Stree Sakthi Samaan
Dr AB Mandal with the awards received
Civilian Awards
T Ramasami – Padma Sri (2001)
T Ramasami – Padma Bhusan (2014)

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize
T Ramasami (1993)

Young Scientist Awards
R Jayakumar (CSIR, 1996)
KJ Sreeram (CSIR, 2004)
V Subramanian (CRSI, 2005)
NN Fathima (INSA, 2011)
NN Fathima (INAE, 2012)
NN Fathima (IEI, 2013)

Fellowships to the academies
Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore
T Ramasami (1990)
AB Mandal (1995)
V Subramanian (2015)
Indian National Academy of Science, New Delhi
T Ramasami (2004)
The National Academy of Science, Allahabad
T Ramasami
V Subramanian (2014)
Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi
T Ramasami
AB Mandal
JR Rao (2011)
Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
AB Mandal (1996)
JR Rao (2014)
Third World Academy of Sciences
T Ramasami (2000)
Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences
JR Rao (2014)

Named Awards – International
T Ramasami, John Arthur Memorial Lecture Orator Award, 2001
Other International Awards
KJ Sreeram, IUR Research Award, 2013

Named Awards – National
JR Rao and Group (DBT, 2005)
JR Rao and Group (NRDC, 2007)
M Kanthimathi and Group (WIPO, 2008)
JR Rao (IGPP, 2009)
AB Mandal (1995)
BU Nair (2004)
JR Rao (2010)
CRSI Medals
BU Nair (Bronze – 2002)
T Ramasami (Silver – 2003)
A Dhathathreyan (Bronze – 2005)
V Subramanian (Bronze – 2007)
Other National Awards
JR Rao, Hari Om Ashram Prerit Shri SS Bhatnagar Research Award, 1991
AB Mandal, Rev. Fr LM Yeddanapally Memorial Award, 1993
T Ramasami, Voice Award, 1995
T Ramasami, Vasvik Award, 1997
A Dhathathreyan, BC Deb Memorial Award, 1997
T Ramasami, Acharya PC Ray Memorial Oration Award, 1999
T Ramasami, Om Prakash Bhasin Award, 2000
T Ramasami, MRSI Medal, 2001
T Ramasami, ALFA Orator Award, 2003
JR Rao, Environmental Award, 2003
JR Rao, Burhani Foundation – NEERI Award, 2004
A Dhathathreyan, Stree Shakti Samman Award, 2005
NN Fathima, SERB Women Excellence Award, 2013
NN Fathima, Nayudamma Young Scientist Award, 2014
NN Fathima, Madras Science Foundation, 2015

International Fellowship
T Ramasami (NSF)
AB Mandal (DAAD)
A Dhathathreyan (DAAD, Raman)
BU Nair (DAAD)
JR Rao (DAAD, 2009)
KJ Sreeram (British Council, 2004; BOYSCAST, 2008)
NN Fathima (DAAD)
For Further Information Please Contact

Head, Chemial Lab
Tel: +91 44 2441 1630
Fax: +91 44 2491 2150