R & D Activities

1. Design and Development of Footwear for persons with Diabetes
  • Structured & Designed to meet the needs of a wide target group
  • Diabetic Foot Categorization  based on risk of foot ulceration.
  • Diabetic foot ulcer Risk Theshold Score and Integrated software for prescription footwear
  • Development of PU Elastomeric Sheets for Diabetic Insoles
  • Plantar Pressure off-loading
  • Consensus guidelines on Diabetic Footcare
  • Typing of Diabetic Gait based on lower limb kinetics & kinematics

2. Design and Development of Children’s Shoes

The Children’s feet grow at a rapid rate thus necessitating a frequent change in footwear to accommodate this foot growth.  In order to provide correct fitting shoes for them it is essential to gather reliable foot dimensions of children which is done through a ‘digital capture’ of the foot images.  A novel method of ‘cluster analysis’ leads us to compress the complete children’s size range from Children Size 10 to Adult Size 3 into only 5 Groups which helps in optimizing the size range to be manufactured, accommodates the foot growth in children and also reduces the frequency of footwear change.More Details

3. Development of Comfort Shoes for Men

A ‘comfortable’ and ‘breathable’ shoe for the discerning man who wears shoes for work between 8-12 hours a day is conceptualised. Changes in volume of foot during the day, perspiration inside the shoe and foot comfort are some important characteristics addressed in this SHOE. More Details

4. Development of Ankle-Foot Orthosis for Pressure Offloading Using Advanced Technologies
This project deals with the new design and development of AFO for patients with diabetic foot ulcer. Reduction in plantar pressure at the site of ulceration is essential for treatment of diabetic foot ulceration. Foot pressures, shock, and shear can be reduced with appropriately fitted Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) and customized insoles. AFO offers lot of advantages for patients with active foot ulcers. The new design and materials used for fabrication of AFO make the treatment cost effective and affordable by the patients in India.


3D Gait analysis of Person with Diabetes Mellitus wearing AFO
5. Development of Polyurethane based Biodegradable soles and Process Optimization thereof

The footwear industry is one of the industries producing non-biodegradable wastes during product manufacturing. Further the consumed footwear/ shoes are creating huge quantity of polymer wastes everyday world wide. Therefore substituting the conventional polymer soles with biodegradable polymer composites will have major impact on green and sustainable environment and also immediately help footwear industries to get rid of the pressure from environmental issues.

         Project Objectives

  • To synthesize biodegradable clay-polymer composites for application as footwear soling material
  • To characterize the synthesized composites for mechanical and physical properties
  • To study the biodegradation properties of synthesized composites.
  • Making of shoe soles using synthesized composites by direct pouring process and direct injection process.


  • Biodegradable clay-polymer composites with suitable properties for application as footwear soling material
  • Ecofriendly soling materials for footwear industry
  • Process making shoe soles using biodegradable clay-polymer composites
  • Direct molded biodegradable shoe soles
6. Studies on comfort properties of garment leathers for apparel application
7. Interfacing design elements with technology for innovative life style products
8. Identification of alternative natural fibres/ man made fibres for enhanced application
9. Material optimization, standardization and productivity enhancement studies
10. Development of smart leather products
11. Ergonomic studies in leather product industries
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