Fabrication Technology

Fabrication wings of SPDC is the integral part of R&D related activities of this institute. It contributes for the testing of new materials/components and other auxiliaries. The section is being managed by experts trained under various European nations like France, U.K, Czech Republic, and Italy. Highlights of the activities are:
  • Developing newer studies of production methodologies.
  • The concept of material economy is primary in the R & D focus of the section.
  • Technological intervention on exploring natural & newer materials in footwear application forms the fulcrum of the current R & D team.
  • Providing consultancy and troubleshooting service to local and neighboring countries
  • Dissemination of knowledge on latest technological advancements to the footwear industry forms a part of the objective.
This section is a pioneer in imparting skills under HRD activities.
  • UNIDO and MNC recognized Training centre for leather Shoe manufacturing
  • Multilevel training activities – graduate and post graduate academic programs in collaboration with Anna University
  • Entry level supervisory training programs in the form Diploma and Certificate modules.
  • Tailor made executive training modules for the specific needs of the footwear industry.
  • Societal developmental programs for the traditional artisans spanning across the whole nation.
  • Details of the training programs are highlighted in the training section


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