Consultancy & Sponsored Projects

Major Consultancy and Sponsored and other externally funded Projects

  • Development and demonstration of enzyme assisted dehairing process in commercial tanneries –Project by M/s Textan Chemicals Ltd., Chennai.

  • Development and demonstration of enzyme assisted dehairing process in commercial tanneries –Project by M/s SPIC Ltd., Chennai.

  • Development of chrome-free organic tannage using oxazolidine tanning compound –Project sponsored by Dow Chemicals.
  • Development and demonstration of enzyme assisted dehairing process in commercial tanneries –Project by M/s BASF India Ltd., Chennai.

  • Implementation cleaner leather processing methods in Tamil Nadu Tanneries –Project by All India Hides and Skins Tanners and Merchants Association, Chennai

  • Reduction of TDS in tannery Effluents by in-process control measures- Projects sponsored by Dindigul and Pernambut CETPs

  • UNDP Project on Demonstration of cleaner processing methods in Calcutta Tanneries

  • Process Audit in tanneries in Erode clusters for pollution reduction - Project sponsored by Erode Tannery and Merchants Association

  • Evaluation of Dyes for use in leather dyeing – Projects Sponsored by Clariant India Ltd, Asiatic Colorchem, Mumbai and Colortex pvt Ltd

  • Evaluation of dye fixative – Project sponsored by M/s. Dharamsri Morarji Chemicals,Mumbai

  • Evaluation of biocides in leather application - Projects sponsored by Avecia, United Kingdom and Sudharshan Chemical, Mumbai

  • Evaluation of Ezyme A in sulfide-free unhairing-Project sponsored by Textan pvt Ltd.

  • Evaluation of lactic acid in deliming process - Project by Interspice Biotech Pvt Ltd., Chennai s

  • TDS Reduction through process changes – Project sponsored by M/s.T.Abdul Wahid & Co.,Ambur

  • Technology Transfer to Balmer Lawrie & Co for manufacture of additive for pickle-less tanning

  • Evaluation of modified sodium formate - Project sponsored by M/s. Asian Paints,Pondicherry.

  • Consultancy Project sponsored by Dupont, USA for Leather with Lycra

  • Formulation and Evaluation of Degreasing agent for use in leather processing - Project sponsored by Cetex Petrochemicals Ltd.

  • Development of crusting procedure for wet blue splits for transfer coating– sponsored by Naagu Leathers

  • Tannery Modernisation – Project sponsored by M/s.Naser Tanning Co.,Vaniyambadi

  • Development of enzyme only beam house operations and demonstration of the technology in tanneries –Project by SPIC Ltd., Chennai

  • Development of dyeing procedure for use of sulphur dyes in leather dyeing –Project by SF Dyes, Mumbai.

  • Development of Leathers with Medicinal Properties –Project by M/s Nameste Exports Ltd, Bangalore

  • Evaluation of dye fixative – Project sponsored by M/s. Catalyst Chemical Industires,Kerala

  • Evaluation of fungicide – Project sponsored by M/s. Kajay Remedies,Mumbai

  • Accelerated Solar evaporation system involving the use of Radial Solar Convective Sprinkler(RSCS) in Erode tannery Cluster – Project funded by Erode Tannery Owners Association.

  • Tannery Modernisation and Process rationalization – Project sponsored by M/s.Pakkar Leather Exports.,Vaniyambadi

  • Evolving Commercial model relating to low float tanning device(ClaRi Processor) – an energy saving option for leather processing industry – Project Funded by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)

  • Evaluation of 25 new dyes in leather dyeing –Project sponsored by M/s Colourtex Ltd., Surat.

  • Reducing TDS loads in Tannery effluents – Project funded by Dindigul Tannery Association.

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