Technology commercialized

DIASTEP - an off the shelf footwear for low risk diabetics

Brief description of Technology

  • Diabetes is a very serious chronic disease
  • India is the Diabetes Capital of the World with over 60 million affected by it
  • Foot is one of the major organs affected
  • Estimated that over 50% of lower extremity amputations are linked to diabetes
  • Healthcare costs and loss of productivity associated with diabetic foot complications are enormous

CSIR-CLRI developed ‘special footwear-DIASTEP’

  • Goes a long way to help reduce diabetic foot complications
  • Ensures a better quality of life with enhanced productivity for these patients

DIASTEP: a therapeutic open footwear for the diabetic patients with risk of foot problems

  • reduces the abnormal distribution of plantar foot pressure
  • provides the patients with diabetic foot risk, complete open footwear
  • comprising selective topsole, insole and bottom sole made of appropriately selected material.

Footwear features

  • Cow softy leather upper
  • Unit moulded sole made from Polyurethane (PU) with extra depth to provide larger area for more effective pressure distribution
  • outsole having special tread for better grip and traction.
  • Extensive patient trials have established the efficacy of the footwear.

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