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Leather Process Technology Area, also known as Tannery division is an important core area in CLRI. This division has been playing a key role in the growth of the tanning industry in India. It played an important role by providing trained manpower and appropriate technologies for the production of varieties of finished leathers in the seventies when the Govt of India banned the export of raw and semi processed leathers. The division again played a lead role in late nineties by providing unit specific cleaner processing options for reducing pollution loads in tannery effluents when the Apex Court of the country closed down more than 300 tanneries in the state of Tamil Nadu. The area has been instrumental in the development of chrome management options for in-process control of pollution in leather processing and also playing a pivotal role in the transformation of leather making from chemical intensive processing to bioprocessing. Through the efforts of the division, CLRI is recognized as a centre of excellence for cleaner leather production in the world today

The main activities of the division are
  • In-house R&D for meeting the near and long term needs of the leather industry
  • Participation in Network Projects
  • Consultancy and sponsored projects to tanneries and Leather Chemical companies
  • Preparation of DPRs for establishment of Tanneries
  • Education and Training activities in leather processing
  • Finished leather certification and issue of technical opinions on leather
  • Providing policy inputs to Govt on preparation of SION norms and revision of norms for finished leather certification
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Head, Leather Process Technology

CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute,
Adyar, Chennai - 600 020
Telfax: +91 44 24915730
E-mail: cmuralidharan@clri.res.in