CAD Services

Advanced CAD capabilities are now available for footwear pattern engineering systems.

Versatile and intuitive systems with an easy to use graphical interface provides everything the pattern maker needs from rapid modeling to prototype production .

3D and 2D systems are available for conceptual designing and engineering and grading of upper and bottom parts needed for styling, manufacturing and fit.
Features of a 3D system
  • 3D last digitization
  • Style visualization on last
  • Creation of 3D virtual prototype of shoe
  • Texture inputting/Art program for colour creation
  • Heel and sole design § 3D to 2D flattening
Features of a 2D system
  • Design, engineer and grade upper and bottom parts
  • Flexible arithmetic and geometric grading
  • Assessment of patterns to evaluate cutting efficiency
  • Interactive piece generation from shell
  • Quick piece engineering
  • Non-standard size and width grading capabilities
  • Semi-automatic or manual nesting for reports on area, efficiency, waste percentage etc
  • Quick and accurate outputting of patterns via a plotter or cutter

Garment CAD Services

  • Pattern Designing for Apparel / Leather Goods
  • Pattern Grading for Apparels
  • Marker Making for Apparel / Upholstery
  • Pattern plotting
Salient Features
  • Patterns Input through digitizer
  • Eight different type of grading
  • Accurate patterns by plotter / Cardboard pattern cutter
  • Report (Area, Perimeter & Line length)
Inputs Needed

1.For Designing
  • Sketch / Sample garment
  • Measurements / Measurement Chart
2.For Grading / Marker Making
  • First Pattern
  • Measurement Chart - Any special grading / Marker making instruction

Charges for CAD services

  Paper Patterns Cardboard Patterns
Pattern Design Charges for Apparel (per design) Rs. 3,000 Rs. 4,000
Grading charges upto 6 sizes (for leather & lining patterns) Rs. 3,500
(Rs. 400 per additional size)
Rs. 4,500
(Rs. 500 per additional size)
Grading charges upto 6 sizes (For leather patterns only) Rs. 2,500
(Rs. 300 per additional size)
Rs. 3,500
(Rs. 400 per additional size)
Marker making (for Apparel / Upholstery) Rs. 4,000 +
Rs 200 per meter of plotting
Paper plotting Rs 200 per meter of plotting
(minimum billing amount Rs.700 upto 3 meters)

For all services service tax 15% extra

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