Shri T.S.Krishnan had his education in Madras. After obtaining his B.Sc., (Chemistry) he studied for B.Sc., (Tech) in leather technology. After working in a few tanneries he joined CLRI in 1954 and retired as director in 1984. During his employment in the institute he had made a name for himself as a ‘dedicated scientist’ and a sincere teacher. His special field was in the extension area. He belonged to the ‘Ganesan Group’ and had faced many hardships in visiting remote tanning centres and offering technology which, in those years, was a hard job. Mr. Krishnan was mainly engaged in Extension, technical Training, Consultancy, Quality Control, Preparation and Scrutiny of Feasibility, Project Reports etc.

His remarkable contribution was in assisting tanners to switch over to finished leather manufacture from E. I. tanning. The credit for developing grain and sued garment leathers should go to Mr. Krishnan and Mr. P.S. Venkatachalam.

He has to his credit about sixty papers published in Indian and Foreign journals. He had travelled extensively under various assignments of FAO and UNIDO to Iran, Yemen, Tanzania etc., He had assisted the Commonwealth Science Council, London in organising and conducting Regional Workshops on ‘Leather and Leather Products Processing in Madras and Jamaica.

A scientist with high sense of humour, Mr. Krishnan is a central figure in conferences, social functions etc.