54 Diamonds of CLRI

54 Diamonds of Central Leather Research Institute

  1. Two dimensional Tester: First to Build

  2. Rising to the Occasion: Through Do-Ecology Solutions

  3. Innovations in Polymer Science

  4. Alliances with Academy: Right from Start Bears Fruit

  5. Tanning: Learning from First Principles

  6. New Techniques for Electron Microscopy

  7. Identification of New Crosslinks in Collagen

  8. Directional Frictional Effect in Collagen: A Lead Thought

  9. Tranitions from Footwear to Footcare

  10. Leap Frogging in the World of Fashion Forecasting

  11. Uniqueness in Setting Reliable Database for Leather

  12. Secure Chrome Management in Tanneries: A Technology Reality

  13. Adapting Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket to Tannery Waste Waters: A forward Step

  14. Automation in Vegetable Tannin Extraction: An Innovation

  15. Solid Wastes to Energy: A Proven Solution for Fleshing and CETP Sludge

  16. Marrying Technology with Tradition: for Shantiniketan Products

  17. Synergising in Texture & Design Innovations

  18. Chemco Autotrophic Activated Carbon (CAACO) - An Innovation for Wastewater Treatment

  19. Making Leather Soap Washable: for Reducing Cost of Maintenance

  20. Moving Industry Forward through Technologies: Blong Lining

  21. Firsts in the World of Mineral Syntans

  22. Customized Processes for Exotic Leathers and Fur

  23. Excursions in Collagen Science: Area of Traditional Strength

  24. In Probing Molecular Self Assemblies: Critical Mass Build-up

  25. Packages for Tannery Modernization: CLRI Leads

  26. In Forefront: In Developing FT-NMR Techniques

  27. Kolhapuri: Reviving Traditional Wisdom Through knowledge Backup

  28. Collagen Sheet for Burn Dressing: A Life Saver

  29. Unraveling Shrinkage Phenomena in Leather: Earning Global Reconition

  30. Breaking Loose with Mineral Free Tanning: Catching Early Birds

  31. Eco-Testing: Empowering Nation to Meet Global Eco-bans

  32. Breaking into Areas where Angels Fear to Tread: Aluminium Tanning

  33. Keeping Feet Dry: Water Proof Sole Leather

  34. Evolutions in Finishing Techniques - A Never Ending Job

  35. Reversing Flow of Technologies in Syntans

  36. Fallen Carcass Utilization: A Case of Successful Down Sizing to Meet Peoples Need

  37. Catching Attention through Chromium

  38. Forward Engineering in Rapid Tanning

  39. Alliances with Industry: A Lasting Partnership

  40. Tecnology Services: Exploring Global Waters

  41. Innovations in Formulating Leather Finishes: Early Gains

  42. Visionary Jump in Information Technology: NICLAI in 1968

  43. Grafting of Acrylic Monomers on collagen and Leather: Path breaking

  44. LTM

  45. Human Expertise & Resource Building in Leather

  46. Microbial Screening: Testing Methodologies for The World Use

  47. Surgical Sutures: A MoneySpinner

  48. Catalogue of Defects of Raw Hides/Skins: Primary Lessons

  49. Enzyme Solutions: A Contineous Innovator Searching Breakthroughs

  50. Parchment from Chrome Shavings for Interior Decorations: Technological Boon

  51. Synthetic Fatliquor: A Challenge Accepted and Delivered

  52. Salt Less Preservation: A Sleepless Pursuit with Many Landmarks

  53. S&T Tools for Empowerment

  54. Collagen Based Biomaterials: Service to the Health Sector