BM Das Lectures

B.M.DAS Memorial Lectures

The B.M.DAS Memorial Lectures are held annually during the Leather Research Industry Get-together (LERIG) to honour the memory of the first Director of CLRI, Rai Bahadur Prof. Biraj Mohan Das.

Brief -Bio Memorial Lectures
In September 1951, the services of Prof. B.M.Das were requisitioned by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research as the Officer on Special Duty at the CLRI. In January 1953, he was appointed as its first Director which post he held till his demise in September 1956. Prof. Das was instrumental in introducing for the first time,the commercial chrome tanning in India and was mainly responsible for placing the indian tannning industry as a whole, on a more scientific basis.

Prof.Das was a student of Prof.Procter & Dr.Edward Stiansy the doyens in the field of leather technology. His book Handbook of Tanning published in 1954 is still being referred to.