National Technology Day 2010

CLRI Celebrates National Technology Day
Central leather Research Institute (CLRI), one of the constituent National Laboratories under the umbrella of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), joined the rest of the nation in celebrating the National Technology day on Tuesday, the 11th May, 2010 in a befitting manner. As a pioneering contributor for the generation of significant knowledgebase in multi-dimensional areas followed by translation of the effective technologies to user industries for successful commercialization, the importance of this day is immense to this Institute and hence the celebration has become an annual event. As a customer sensitive organization, CLRI makes it a point to provide a formal platform to the users of CLRI technologies to share their experiences so that necessary lessons can be derived to ensure better service to the industry and the society as a whole.
M/s SPIC (Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd), Chennai and M/s AMBURTEC (Ambur Tannery Effluent Treatment Company Ltd), Ambur participated in this year’s celebration, which started with the welcome address delivered by Prof. Dr. A.B. Mandal, Director, CLRI. He touched upon the technology areas contained in the Institute basket. A brief overview of the technologies already transferred/commercialized, was also highlighted. Dr.Subhendu Chakrabarti, Head, Business Processes Division, highlighted the significance of the National Technology day celebration at CLRI. He underscored the recent technological achievements of the Institute in a lucid manner. This was followed by the presentations made by the guest speakers, who were formally introduced to the audience by Shri Vijay Kumar Vedam, Scientist, CLRI.
Shri Abhay Kumar, Manager (Leather- marketing), SPIC deliberated on the long association of SPIC with CLRI in development and evaluation of enzymatic products. He expressed the strong desire of SPIC to standardize single step unhairing and fibre opening process with technical interventions of CLRI. Shri Kumar also expressed keen interest in some of the enzymatic leads generated under the NMITLI (New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative) programme. Mr. Z Nizamuddin, Manager, AMBURTEC, delivered an impressive lecture on CLRI’s role in environment management. He has presented how the journey of his organization has been in combating various environmental problems with the vibrant support and active cooperation of CLRI. A special mention of the SLF (Secured Landfill) design, licensed to AMBURTEC was made. Both the speakers acknowledged the sincere and untiring efforts of CLRI in ensuring timely technological support to industry. The celebration was concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Subhendu Chakrabarti.