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The computer centre is a service-oriented department, catering to the needs of the various other departments of CLRI. The activities of Computer Centre are
  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • Training
    Around 300 systems installed in various locations across CLRI, are maintained by the Computer Centre. Patches, Updates and service packs for the operating system installed periodically by this department. The peripherals attached to the systems are also maintained.

    The Computer Centre is actively involved in providing specifications for the systems and peripherals according to user requirement. It also helps in selecting systems after scrutinising the quotations received by the Purchase section.

Software Support
The Computer Centre collaborates with the R&D staff for providing software support.

Scientist and Technical areas
Computerised process control
This software was developed for the extraction of vegetable tannin from various vegetable tanning materials such as myrab etc. used in leather processing.

This software was developed for our CISRA group in chemical engineering department. This software gives damage distance results from various accident scenario that could happen in chemical industries.

This software is used to calculate the degree of risk of various instruments handled in chemical industries.

This was developed for our leather garments department.

This is a device driver software used to convert different formats on plotters.

This is a scheduling and sequencing software for leather process in tanneries.

Administrative areas
  • Bonus calculation
  • Income tax calculation
  • Pay arrears calculation for accounts department
  • Quarters management software for CLRI staff Quarters.
  • Guest house management software for CLRI Guest house
Installation of OS, Antivirus and other Application Software

    Training is one of the major components of the Computer Centre activities. Training programmes are being conducted for inhouse staff and students.

    Inhouse Training
    Different training programmes are being conducted for the administrative and scientific staff of CLRI. Some of the training programmes organised by the Computer Centre are

  • Advanced courses on MS Office.
  • Introduction to FoxPro programmes.
  • Special training course for stores and purchase department.
  • Training programme using internet, email for about 80 staff members.
  • Introduction to network security.
  • Three levels of training programmes were conducted to the administrative staff and tests were conducted for absorbing non-technical staff to technical side.

    The Computer Centre staff are involved in taking classes for B Tech (Leather Technology) courses conducted by Anna University. The paper entitled 'Computer Application Packages in Leather Technology' is handled by the Computer Centre staff.

    Students from various colleges come here to do their projects as a part of their curriculum.

For Further Information Please Contact

Head, Computer Centre

CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute,
Adyar, Chennai - 600 020
Tel: +91 44 24437183