CSIR - CLRI Institute of International Repute

Director CLRI

An institution grown out of the thought process of visionary Indian Leaders, Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India, is a standing example of an organization which developed an academia - Industry - institute partnership for the development of Indian leather sector. This networking has lead to India emerging as a global leader in leather trade. CSIR - CLRI today supplements global trade through knowledge products and services. The tripartite partnership, which commenced in 1948 has expanded to include government and non-government agencies as well. CSIR - CLRI today foresees an opportunity to promote a global academia - Institute - industry networking for gaining value to leather.

LERIG - The Profile

The tripartite linkage of Indian leather sector provides a forum in the beginning of every calendar year, wherein the difficulties of the past and the opportunities of the future can be deliberated, leading to consensus in the development of knowledge products, policies and action. This forum named initially as Tanners Get Together (TGT) and later on expanded to include product industries as Leather Research Industry Get-Together (LERIG) identifies specific themes every year for deliberations. From the theme "12" in LERIG 2012, which deliberated on 12th five year plan programs and actions for Indian leather, LERIG 2013 focus on gaining value for leather through Global Alliances with Integrated Networking to GAIN value for Leather. With an equal mix of discussions on technology challenges, policy issues, GAIN would provide a forum for building global partnership to overcome challenges, explore unexplored territories, thus gaining maximum value for leather.