29 - 30, January 2010

Sustainable Leather Manufacture – Realistic objective or wishful thinking?

Dr.Ing.Heinz-Peter Germann

LGR Reutlingen, Germany

Dr V Prakash, Director, CFTRI

Guests of honour
Dr G Thyagarajan, Former Director, CLRI
Mr Rafeeque Ahmed, President, AISHTMA
Mr Habib Hussain, Chairman, CLE
Mr Taj Alam, Director, Kings International

Biology of collagen, Bio-preservation, Bio-processing

Biotechnological interventions to animal skin – implications to the leather industry

G. Dhinakar Raj
Department of Animal Biotechnology
Madras Veterinary College
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Morphology and Physical properties in evaluation of skins and leather

A. Rajaram and M. D. Naresh
Biophysics and EM Lab, CLRI

Biodegradation and Biopreservation of animal skins

Dr Gunasekaran,
Senior Professor & Head, Department of Genetics Coordinator,
School of Biological Sciences, MKU

Chemical Free Enzyme only beam house processes

Mr P Saravanan
Scientist, CLRI