29 - 30, January 2010

Application of Biotechnology for odour control in Tanneries

Bioengineering and Environmental Centre (BEEC),

IICT Hyderabad

Role of marine cyanobacterial antioxidants in azo dye decolourization and degradation

Dr L Uma
Professor and Head, Dept. of Marine Biotechnology,
National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria,
Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli

Hydrogen Production From Leather Fleshing Co-Digested With Municipal Solid Waste And Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludges

Dr P Shanmugam
Scientist ,CLRI

Solid waste management in chemical industries

Dr P N Parameswaran
Vice President (Environment)
United Phosphorus Ltd

A Technological approach to utilize tannery solid waste in road construction

Dr Gangopadhyay
Central Road, Research Institute, New Delhi

Environmental management and Utilization of Solid wastes from World Leather Sector

Dr S Rajamani
Chairman, International Union of Environment (IUE) Commission of IULTCS
Chennai, India

Gelatin and its applications

Dr. J S Suresh Kumar
Deputy General Manager(R & D)
NITTA Gelatin, Cochin

Biomechanics And Leather Industry – Insights And Perspectives

V. Balasubramanian
Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Bioengineering Group
Department of Engineering Design, IIT-Madras

Global warming  is now global warning

Mr. Mani Almal
Managing Director, APL POLYFAB Ltd, Kolkata

Bio alternatives for leather

Mr N N Sreejith
Co-founder and Managing Director
ROPE Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.

Surface Modified and Medicated Polyurethane for Application in Athletic Footwear

Dr. G Saraswathy
Research Associate, CLRI

Restricted substances -Challenges known and unknown

Scientist, CLRI

SVHC in consumer products – legal obligations of  products suppliers

Ms. Nirmala Veeraghanta
Quality Manager, SGS India Private Ltd.,

Chairman: Dr. K. V. Raghavan, Chairman RC, CLRI