29 - 30, January 2010

LERIG 2010 - Tentative Programme

Date / Time


28th Jan 2010
11.30 A.M (Thursday)
BM Das Hall


29th Jan 2010

Triple Helix Auditorium

08.30-09.00 AM


09.00- 10.00 AM

BM DAS Memorial Lecture
Sustainable Leather Manufacture – Realistic objective or wishful thinking?
Dr.Ing.Heinz-Peter Germann, Director,
LGR Reutlingen, Germany

Chairman : Dr. G.Thyagarajan, Former Director, CLRI

10.00-10.30 AM

Tea Break







10.30- 12.45 PM


Welcome address
Dr.A.B.Mandal, Director, CLRI

Presidential Address
Dr.K.V.Raghavan, Chairman, Research Council, CLRI

Guests of honour
Dr G Thyagarajan, Former Director, CLRI
Mr Rafeeque Ahmed, President, AISHTMA
Mr Habib Hussain, Chairman, CLE
Mr Taj Alam, Director, Kings International

Release of LERIG Souvenir & Address by Guest of Honour
Dr G Thyagarajan, Former Director, CLRI
Presentation of MODEUROP Awards 2010 & Address by Guest of Honour
Mr Rafeeque Ahmed, President, AISHTMA
Presentation of Design Awards 2010 and Address by Guest of Honour
Mr Habib Hussain, Chairman, CLE
Presentation of Haji Mecca Award and Address by Guest of Honour
Mr Taj Alam,  Director, Kings International
Inaugural Address
Dr V Prakash, Director, CFTRI
Vote of Thanks
Dr P K Sehgal, Co-ordinating Convenor, LERIG 2010

Date / Time


12.45-01.45 PM

Lunch Break

02.00-03.00 PM

  • New perceptions in the understanding of biological issues related to leather and application of biophysical tools


Technical Session – I
Biology of collagen, Bio-preservation, Bio-processing (more focus on application & implementation for leather industry)

  1. "Biotechnological interventions to animal skin – implications to the leather industry" - Dr.Dhinakar Raj, TANUVAS]
  2. “Morphology and Physical properties in evaluation of skins and leather” Dr Rajaram, Scientist, CLRI

03.00-04.00 PM

Tea Break, Poster Session

  • Bio-preservation Technologies for minimizing pollution
  • Microbiological and biotechnological aspects related to leather processing


  1. "Biopreservation of animal skins and hides" Dr Gunasekaran, Senior Professor & Head, Department of Genetics Coordinator, School of Biological Sciences, MKU
  2. "Bio-processing in beam house" Mr P Saravanan, Scientist, CLRI 
Chairman : Mr Niaz Ahmad
Director, Presidency Kid Leather
30th Jan 2010 (Saturday)
Triple Helix Auditorium

09.15-10.45 AM

  • Application of environmental biotechnology to improve end-of-pipe treatment
  • Odour control in tanneries

Technical Session – II A
Environmental Biotechnology

  1. “Biological methods for odor control in tanneries” -Dr A Gangagni Rao, Scientist, Bioengineering and Environmental Centre (BEEC), IICT Hyderabad
  2. “Role of marine cyanobacterial antioxidants in azo dye decolourization and degradation” , Dr L Uma , Professor and Head, Dept. of Marine Biotechnology, National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli

Chairman :  Dr. Mariappan, Chairman, State Expert Appraisal Committee,  Tamil Nadu.

10.45-11.15 AM

Tea Break

11.15-01.00 PM

  • Solid waste utilization and management technologies for value added products
  • Biodegradation of leather and life-cycle analysis for leather products

Technical Session – IIB
Bio-based option for solid waste management

  1. “Solid waste management in chemical industries” Mrs. Sandra Shroff, Vice Chairman, United phosphorous Ltd.
  2. “A technological approach to utilize tannery solid waste in road construction”, Dr Gangopadhyay, Director, Central Road, Research Institute, New Delhi
  3. “Environmental management and Utilization of Solid wastes from World Leather Sector”, Dr S Rajamani, Chairman, International Union of Environment (IUE) Commission of IULTCS, Chennai, India
  4. “Hydrogen Production From Leather Fleshing Co-Digested With Municipal Solid Waste And Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludges ” Dr P Shanmugam, Scientist ,CLRI
  5. “Gelatin and its applications” Dr. J S Suresh Kumar, Deputy General Manager(R & D), NITTA Gelatin, Cochin

Chairman: Dr.K.V.Raghavan, Chairman RC, CLRI

01.00-02.00 PM

Lunch Break

02.00-03.00 PM

  • Value addition and property enhancement for leather and leather products through biological alternatives
  • Biomechanics in footwear and leather products
  • Biological issues related to REACH regulations and compliance

Technical Session –III
Biomechanics/ Biocomposites

  1. Biomechanics And Leather Industry – Insights And Perspectives, Dr V. Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Bioengineering Group, Department of Engineering Design, IIT-Madras

  2. Global warming  is now global warning”,
    Mr. Mani Almal, Managing Director, APL POLYFAB Ltd, Kolkata

  3. Bio alternatives for leather” Mr N N Sreejith, Co-founder and Managing Director, ROPE Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.

  4. "Surface Modified and Medicated Polyurethane for Application in Athletic Footwear”
    Dr. G Saraswathy, Research Associate, CLRI

  5. “Restricted substances -Challenges known and unknown”, Dr.C.Muralidharan, Scientist, CLRI

  6. “SVHC in consumer products – legal obligations of  products suppliers” Ms. Nirmala Veeraghanta, Quality Manager, SGS India Private   Ltd., Chennai
Chairman: Mr P V Gopalakrishnan Bachi, President, Indian Shoe Federation

03.00-04.30 PM

Views Forum

Chairman: Dr. K. V. Raghavan, Chairman RC, CLRI

Industry representatives
Mr Habib Hussain, Chairman, CLE
Mr. Sunil Rallan, President, International Trading Company, Chennai
Mr P V Gopalakrishnan Bachi, President Indian Shoe Federation
Mr. M Abdul Wahab, MD, Rabia Leather industries Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. M Irshad Ahmed, MD, Farida Group

Dr. A. B. Mandal, Director
Mr. D. Chandramouli,
Dr.  B. N. Das
Dr. N. K.Chandrababu
Dr. C. Muralidharan
Mr. Goutham Gopalakrishna
Dr. B. Chandrasekaran
Dr. G. Sekaran
Dr. P. K. Sehgal

04.30-05.30 PM


Chief Guest : Dr.Ing.Heinz-Peter Germann
Dr. A. B. Mandal, Director, CLRI Presides over

05.30 PM

High Tea

Address for Correspondence

The Convenors - LERIG 2010
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