<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"%> LERIG 2011

Technical Sessions

Prof. BM Das Memorial Lecture: by Dr. Samir Dasgupta (bio-brief)

Keynote lectures

Session 1:

Greenmark: to discuss green chemistry initiatives in leather chemicals, chemicals for making environmentally benign and natural leathers, methods for enhancing uptake of chemicals, management of wastes etc

Session 2:

Brand: to discuss special properties sought by customers; chemicals for achieving new and sought properties; exploring unknown territories through chemicals

Session 3: Market: to discuss special properties conferrable to inferior materials through chemicals; value addition to leather
Session 4:

Compliance: to discuss Compliance to REACH norms; tTest procedures for banned chemicals; achieving quality consistency in Indian tanneries

Demonstration Sessions:

Demonstration of products and chemicals with live demonstration on the process itself

Brainstorming Sessions

Participants: Members of the Leather Chemical Manufacturers Association (LCMA), Stakeholder bodies; researchers from CLRI, College of engineering and leather technology, Kolkata; National Institute of Technology, Jallandhar; Harcourt Butler Institute of Technology, Kanpur etc.