Preamble to LERIG 2011

Technology prowess and innovativeness is considered as the most important parameters to achieve higher value from Indian leather. One of the vital links of the leather industry, which contributes significantly to the meeting of consumer demands, is the chemicals or auxiliaries. For any R&D effort on chemicals, there is a need to understand the requirements of the tanner, their customers and so on.

It is with this background that the LERIG of 2011 is focused on connecting the leather research and industry through chemicals (CLRI-C). The sessions have been so formulated to discuss the needs of the industry and the current availability of chemicals to meet the demands and the identification of knowledge gaps. The sessions would have speakers from industry, who would highlight the drawbacks and shortfalls of the existing chemical technologies, the R&D experts from leading chemical manufacturing houses would highlight how they have addressed these drawbacks and also the extent to which their chemicals would meet the green chemistry principles and bans on certain chemicals under the REACH protocol. R&D scientists of CLRI and researchers focusing on chemicals in general elsewhere in India would present on how the present research would address those concerns, while learning of the shortcomings which cannot be addressed by already existing research.