29 - 30, January 2010

Leather Research Industry Get-Together (LERIG) is an annual event in the calendar of Indian leather sector and is organized during the last week of January every year by CLRI with the support of all the stakeholders of the sector. The event has been providing a
unique platform for the industry and research institutions to discuss and deliberate the ideas and problems. The program of the event provides opportunities to arrive at the preparative strategies in meeting the challenges of the leather sector. The meet has gained national and global visibility. The theme selected for LERIG 2010 will address issues related to biotechnological options in order to provide possible environmental friendly solutions for making the leather processing cleaner, improving the end-of-pipe treatment methods, value addition and property enhancement of leather and allied products and thereby achieve better value realizations in the International markets.

The thematic topic for LERIG 2010 has been chosen as “Bio-related Innovative Options for Tannery ApplicatioN” (BIOTAN). Even though the Indian leather industry has attained a well recognized level of maturity, commensurate growth in the world market has not yet been achieved. Our growth in terms of share in the global market will leapfrog if the problems related to pollution at different levels of processing are addressed using bio-based technologies. It is well recognized now that the many problems industry has been facing with regard to environment, quality aspects related to supply of raw hides and skins from indigenous as well as international sources and quarantine issues related to import of materials into the country need to be addressed. Improved environmental technologies for meeting the challenges, value addition and property enhancement of the leather and leather products by waste minimization, arriving at better utilization for value added products can all be realized through application of biological/biotechnological solutions. LERIG 2010, with the present theme – BIOTAN, will focus on these issues.

Topics for the event are :
Biology of Collagen, Biopreservation and Bioprocessing
     • New perceptions in the understanding of biological issues related to leather and application of biophysical tools including         Bio- informatics
     • Biopreservation technologies for minimizing pollution
     • Microbiological and biotechnological aspects related to leather processing
Environmental Biotechnology
     • Application of environmental biotechnology to improve end-of-pipe treatment
     • Odour control in tanneries
Bio-based Options for Solid Waste Management
     • Solid waste utilization and management technologies for value added products
     • Biodegradation of leather and life-cycle analysis for leather products
Biomechanics and Bio-alternatives for Leather Products
    • Value addition and property enhancement for leather and leather products through biological alternatives
    • Biomechanics in footwear and leather products
    • Biological issues related to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations and        compliance.

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