Travel of India in ‘fashion forecasting’ for leather

Travel of INDIA in ‘fashion forecasting’ for leather is an initiative to bring to the fore the ability of the Indian Leather Industry to take pro-active measures in fashion forecasting and design development by providing a scientific leather product development focus in the areas of colour forecasting, range building, design and retail analysis.

The outcome envisaged is to strengthen the Indian leather product design capabilities which would be reflected in product quality enhancement.

Leather has emerged as a fashion product. Colour, texture and other highlights add to the fashion values of creatively designed leather products. These add significantly to the value realization from leather products. Nations like India have remained in the backyard of fashion world in Europe for long. If India were to emerge as a strong global player in the world leather trade, all efforts to take proactive measures to be ready with the fashion leathers when the fashion does emerge, is crucial.

Design & Fashion Studio will now graduate From leap frogging to pole vaulting in fashion forecasting for leather

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