Other information

Programmes to advance understanding of RTI(Section 26)

Transfer policy and transfer orders[F No. 1/6/2011- IR dt. 15.4.2013]

Receipt & Disposal of RTI Applications & Appeal  

Details of Applications received under RTI  

List of Completed Schemes / Projects / Programs  

List of Schemes / Projects / Programs Underway  

Details of all contracts entered into including name of the contractor, amount of contract and period of completion of contract    

Details of third party audit of Voluntary disclosure

Committee of PIOs/FAAs with rich experience in RTI to identify frequently sought information under RTI

Form of accessibility of information manual/ handbook

Language in which Information Manual/Handbook Available

English and vernacular language

When was the information Manual/Handbook last updated?

Last date of annual updation 01/01/2023

No. of employees against whom Disciplinary action has been proposed/ taken(Section 4(2))

  • Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings - 02 (Two)
  • Finalised for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings - NIL

Details of questions asked in the Parliament [Section 4(1)(d)(2)] and replies given

During parliament session, members of the both houses may raise starred question or unstarred question. The question will be transferred to the concerned Ministry. The Ministry will forward the queries to all the Departments/sub-ordinate offices concerned. On receipt of Parliament question, by CSIR, it will forward the question immediately to all its laboratories/Institutes.

On receipt of the parliament question, reply will be provided by CLRI on the subject matter within the time limit through Nodal Officer Parliament Questions and the same would be forwarded to CSIR. CSIR will collate the information received from all its Labs./Instts. and submit to the Ministry.

Years No. of parliament Questions asked Disposed off
2023-24 07 07