Procedure followed in Decision Making process

Decision Making Process/Delegation of Powers

The procedure followed to take a decision on various matters is in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the subject matter that are under consideration. In order to arrive at a particular decision for important matters, the Research Council of CSIR-CLRI gives direction of the R&D activities to be conducted by the Laboratory. Such R&D activities of the laboratory are managed by the Director with the advice and a Management Council constituted for managing the affairs of the laboratory.

1. Regarding R&D Activities, Each discipline/area at CSIR-CLRI has a Head of the Department (HOD) who normally takes a decision in process making, in consultation with the Director. HODs also supervise the R&D activity in their discipline. The individual Scientific/Technical/Supporting Staff in each area report to the corresponding discipline Head. The discipline heads are accountable to the Director, who in turns reports to the Research and Management Council.

2. In administration, there are Section Officers for each section who report to Controller of Administration/Administrative Officer. The Director is assisted by a Controller of Administration/Administrative Officer, Controller of Finance & Accounts/Finance & Accounts Officer and Controller of Stores & Purchase/Stores & Purchase Officer who advise the director on all administrative, financial and purchase matters.

3. Various Internal Committees have been constituted which are bestowed with specific responsibility to address specific problems. These committees give their recommendations to the Director, who takes a final decision.

4. The final authority in the decision making process rests with the Director and in certain specified matters, the final authority rests with Director General, CSIR (DGSIR), New Delhi. However, certain powers have been delegated to lower functionaries by the Director.

5. CSIR-CLRI is guided in its activities by its Controlling Authority, i.e. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Based on its directives, the decisions are taken at Laboratory level by the Head of the Laboratory, i.e. Director.

6. Time limit for taking a decisions, if any:  In complaince with relevant CSIR Guidelines.

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