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Shri K Karthikeyan, Shri R Jagadeeswaran, Dr. K Krishnaraj, Dr. B Chandrasekaran, Dr. AB Mandal
Date of filling 06.11.2013 ( Design application no. 258404 dt. 27.11.2013).
A novel stiffener sheet for industrial application and a process for preparation of thereof
A novel stiffener sheet disclosed in the invention is characterized essentially by proteinous component, thereby offering an eco-benign alternative for the conventionally available polymeric stiffener. The product exhibits resilience in the range of 74-78%. The stiffener of the invention is envisaged to have enormous application in footwear industry as counter stiffener and toe puff for providing adequate support to the heel and toe portion respectively of a shoe or a boot in retaining shape. The product of the invention is also likely to have application in consumer goods as well as apparel industry as reinforcement.
The invention has been applied for patent protection (Indian Patent application no. 859Del2011).
Preventive Footwear for people with risk of mild to moderate foot problems
The present invention is to provide therapeutic open footwear for the diabetic patients with foot injury due to neuropathy but without deformity in the feet adapted such that the footwear reduces the abnormal distribution of plantar foot pressure. Also the present invention is to provide the patients with diabetic foot injury, complete open footwear prescribed according to risk perception for a particular patient, comprising selective topsole, insole and bottom sole made of appropriately selected material. The therapeutic footwear a unit molded sole made from polyurethane (PU) with extra depth to provide larger area for more effective pressure distribution and outsole having special tread for better grip and traction.
The invention has been applied for patent protection (Indian Patent application no. 624CHE2007).

A novel insole sheet and a process for the preparation thereof
A novel porous insole sheet based on polyetherurethane, polyesterurethane and their blends is prepared by coagulating the PU solution directly in mold using phase inversion method without any additives. PU sheets with different density, hardness and thickness can be made by changing the concentration, composition and volume of polymer solution.
The sheet is free from health hazards. This viscoelastic PU sheet is useful in making insole, heel-pad, metatarsal pad, cushion pads etc. for application in footwear industry, especially for fabricating therapeutic footwear, orthotics, artificial limb and sports shoe.
The invention enables lower cost of production while comparing to the currently available cushion systems, since the construction of cushion system does not involve layers of different materials of different thickness or density.
The invention has been applied for patent protection (Indian Patent application no. 775Del2008; Patent pending).

A Formulation for the preparation of material for making impression of an object
The invention relates to a material useful to capture three dimensional shape and size of an object for industrial applications. The material finds application for manufacturing custom made footwear and orthoses. It essentially enables taking impression of an object with the main objective of recording impression of the foot and subsequent mould making for customized footwear applications. The method of making impressions using this material allows immediate casting of mould and reuse of the material. The invention has been applied for Patent protection (Indian Patent application no. 49DEL2002; Patent pending).

A carrying device for electronic handheld machines
Disclosed herein is essentially an ergonomically designed carrying case to hold electronic handheld gadgets for convenience. The device has a cushioned handgrip wrist strap to fit around the hand to stabilize the machine. A unique feature of the device is a weight suspension system that reduces the strain acting on the neck region, thereby reducing the overall weight. This device has a huge Impact on the carrier of the handheld machine because of its ability to easily interact with the user without much hindrance. One of the most important features of the device is that it can be easily manipulated to ensure its application for all sectors such as industrial and commercial purposes, essentially to reduce human effort and work cycle time. It finds enormous application among the personnel engaged in issuing ticket and includes operators such as Traffic Police, Petrol Station operators and Parking Ticket Personnel. Indian Patent application no. is 201711022959.

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