Staff Details

Unit for Science Dissemination

Dr.Subhendu Chakrabarti

Dr.Subhendu Chakrabarti

Chief Scientist, Head, Honorary Faculty - Anna University
Ph: 91 44 24437191

Areas of Interest
Project Planning & Business Development

Dr.A. Tamil Selvi

Dr.A. Tamil Selvi

Sr. Principal Scientist, Honorary Faculty - Anna University
Ph: 91 44 24437217

Areas of Interest
Leather biotechnology, Leather Microbiology, Fish Processing Technology, Development of fancy fish leathers.

Dr.K  Srinivasan

Dr.K Srinivasan

Sr. Principal Scientist
Ph: 91 44 24437166

Areas of Interest
Technology Marketing, Project Management and IPR Management

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Tel: +91 44 24437248, 24437166